South Kentucky RECC Annual Meeting Notice:

South Kentucky RECC’s planned annual meeting week is just around the corner, which makes this a good time to remind our members that SKRECC cares about your safety and is concerned about your wellbeing. With this in mind, due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions put in place by the State of Kentucky, the 2020 South Kentucky RECC Annual Meeting week will be cancelled.

Every conceivable option was explored in rescheduling the meeting, but due to the uncertainty of the current situation, it is very difficult to establish a future date. As there are no required actions of the membership that make it necessary to hold the annual meeting, we are not obligated to have an annual meeting. SKRECC’s Annual Report with financial information will be in your May issue of the "Kentucky Living Magazine," and it is also available on our website, here.

Annual meeting is part of our history and has always been a very important event to our members and employees – our Cooperative family. When restrictions are eased, South Kentucky RECC plans to hold Member Appreciation Days at each office location later in the year. We plan to distribute our popular bucket and bulbs at that time. Similarly, we intend to hold our planned truck giveaway drawing as well. Dates and details will be forthcoming.

We fully intend for our annual meeting tradition to continue in 2021. Thank you for going above and beyond during this difficult time to keep yourself and those around you safe. We are in this together! #WeAreSKRECC