Free caulking is available to any SKRECC member who is working on improving the air-infiltration characteristics of their home. Call or stop by your local Co-op office local Co-op office to make sure we have some available.

Button-Up logoButton-Up
The two best things you can do to lower your heating and cooling costs are to increase the amount of insulation in your home and stop outside air from getting inside your home. Button-Up will help you increase your home’s efficiency and your comfort while cutting your electric bills. Your home must be at least two years old and use electricity as the primary heat source. Call our energy advisors, and they will make an appointment to come to your home and point out areas where the efficiency of your home can be improved. A blower door test will be done before you make recommended improvements and then again afterwards to determine the exact amount of your incentive payment. Call your local energy advisor at your local South Kentucky Rural Electric office to see how much you could get back for making improvements!

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Touchstone Energy Home
Build your new home to our Touchstone Energy Home Standards to lower your annual heating/cooling costs. You may also qualify to receive an incentive if you build and install a geothermal system, or if you install a high-efficiency air-to-air heat pump. Call your local energy advisor to find out about the incentives and to get a copy of the Touchstone Energy Home Specifications to be sure your home will qualify. The house must be completed before a blower door test can be performed to verify that the house meets the standard.

Contact your local South Kentucky Rural Electric office for all the details and requirements for both of these programs.

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Resistant Heat to Heat Pump
If you are changing your heating system from ceiling cable, baseboard, or electric furnace to a high-efficiency heat pump of a minimum current energy conservation standard established by the Federal Department of Energy, you can qualify for an incentive payment. To qualify, your primary source of heat must be electric resistant heat, and the heat source must be two years old. If you are purchasing a new manufactured home and putting in a high-efficiency heat pump, you will also qualify for an incentive.

Equipment Type Rebate
Centrally Ducted Systems:
Current Energy Conservation Standard establishedby the Federal Department of Energy “DOE”
Current ENERGY STAR® level equipment or greater $750
Mini Split System:
Ducted or Ductless Mini-splits ENERGY STAR® Level equipment or greater

Call your South Kentucky RECC energy advisor for more information.

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Energy Audits
South Kentucky RECC will do energy audits for our members at their request to help educate them on what is using the most energy in their homes and on how to be more efficient. To have an energy audit done they just need to contact a local South Kentucky Rural Electric energy advisor to set up an appointment.

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SimpleSaver is a program in which South Kentucky RECC members can earn up to $20 in bill credits annually ($5 for each central air conditioning unit during June, July, August, and September) for each central air conditioner enrolled. Click here to enroll in SimpleSaver or contact a local energy advisor to learn more.
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The Billinginsights tool located in the right column on our home page, or here, allows South Kentucky RECC members to view energy use and costs by using your billing history, actual weather data and some information about your home. It’ll show you how you can lower your energy costs and become more energy efficient. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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