Stone age idea...Space age technology
It has long been recognized that the earth held a great deal of potential for heating and cooling. In very early times, people lived in caves because the constant temperature of the earth kept them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In more modern times, people have built houses partially underground to take advantage of the heating and cooling properties of the earth.

Now you can get the same advantages in your home, regardless of style. The secret? A geothermal heating, cooling and water heating system-the most efficient on the market today.

So just what is a geothermal heating and cooling system?

A geothermal system does not make heat; it moves it from one place to another through a heat exchanger. A refrigerator is an example of similar technology. Coldness is not moved into the refrigerator. Heat is removed.

With a conventional, or air-to-air, heat pump the air is the source of heat. During the winter, the conventional unit draws heat from the outside air and efficiently transfers it to inside the home. The overall efficiency of an air-to-air system varies with fluctuations in the outside temperature. It's easier to capture heat when it is 50 degrees F than when the thermometer dips to 20 degrees F or below.

Other Electric Heating Systems

Air-to-Air Heat Pump

Electric Thermal Storage
The geothermal heating and cooling system is more efficient because it uses the earth as its heat source. At a depth of about four feet, the earth's temperature is a constant 52 degrees F. That makes it much easier for the system to capture heat, regardless of outside temperatures. This improves the overall efficiency of the heating system.

It's just as efficient in the cooling mode. Heat is transferred from the house to the earth below.

A geothermal heating, cooling, and water heating system consists of a compressor, heat exchanger and a loop of plastic pipe filled with antifreeze. The loop of pipe transfers heat to and from the earth.

In winter, heat from the earth is absorbed by the antifreeze in the loop and transferred into the house. The liquid is then circulated back through the loop where the process is repeated.

In summer, the geothermal system, provides whole-house cooling by simply reversing the process. Heat from the house is absorbed by the liquid and given off underground.

The geothermal system's desuperheater produces your hot water. During the cooling mode, your hot water is produced free as a byproduct of the thermal process. In the heating mode, the desuperheater heats a portion of your hot water.

Incentive: $200

Basic Requirements

We must be provided with a floor plan so that a heat loss/heat gain calculation can be completed to determine the heating and cooling equipment size.

We must be provided with a floor plan so that a heat loss/heat gain calculation can be completed to determine the heating and cooling equipment size.

The geothermal equipment must meet the ARI-330 standard.

The equipment must be installed by a qualified geothermal contractor (see list below).

All systems must be closed-loop systems.

If you are applying for the All-Seasons Comfort Home incentive, only that incentive will be paid.

Approved Geothermal Contractors

Claywell Heating & Air
118 Eather Street
P. O. Box 432
Albany, KY 42602
(606) 387-7393

Epperson Electric
P.O. Box 496
Somerset, KY 42502
(606) 679-7476

Geothermal Systems
375 Siloam Road
Bradfordsville, KY 40009

Rose Heating & Air
148 E. Hwy. 90 By-Pass
Monticello, KY 42633
(606) 348-9875, 866-348-9875

Smith Electric and HVAC
P.O. Box 776
Liberty, KY 42539
(606) 787-5440

Strunk Heating & Air
P. O. Box 219
Whitley City, KY 42653
(606) 376-9777

Upchurch Heating & Air
P. O. Box 487
Monticello, KY 42633
(606) 348-8514

Wall's Refrigeration
412 Campbellsville Road
Columbia, KY 42728
(502) 384-6418

Participating Dealer Qualifications
  1. Must have completed manufacturer certification.
  2. Cooperate in complying with South Ky. RECC installation guidelines.
  3. Must maintain a reputable service record.
  4. Must have installed a geothermal system on RECC service area in the past 12 months.
We do not make recommendations on specific dealers. If there is a dealer that you prefer to work with who is not listed above, please call us for installation guidelines at (606) 678-4121 or 800-264-5112, or e-mail us.